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Home is where the heart is and the heart is happy where it gets to relax, create and love. Your home is a true reflection of your thoughts and we at NAASA, the swadeshi furniture and home décor store, promise you to provide all the range of classy furniture and par excellence décor items to match your beautiful thoughts, to match YOU!

Furniture and home décor takes up the majority of space in a home and helps make it feel welcoming, warm and complete. Hence, it becomes very important to choose timeless, functional pieces that fit your space and budget too. There are no rules to buy furniture or décor items, keeping this in mind NAASA provides the entire range, from contemporary and modern to traditional, to suit your requirement and taste.

NAASA is a passionate manufacturer of beautiful solid wood furniture, eye catching painted décor and other décor items and our expert team helps you in making the best choice.

You are most welcome to take a tour of our website to explore the vast range of furniture and home décor items to make your home full of life and your life full of love for your home!

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A brief overview of the entire range that we offer -

Bedroom furniture

Where would you wish to retire after a day long hard work? Your bedroom! Yes, it is your bedroom where you spend most of your time, couching and relaxing on your comfortable bed. It is the room where you get recharged to live another beautiful day. Therefore it is very important to choose all the furniture of your bedroom right from the bed, bedsides, wardrobes, dresser, bedroom chairs to chest of drawers in accordance with your liking and comfort. Our furniture wing and interior team works in line with your taste and requirement and gives you the best possible combination of all the bedroom furniture. We also specialize in hand painted furniture to satiate your aesthetic buds.


Seating furniture

Sofa set is an important part of the furniture in any house. It should be in line with the overall look of the house and most importantly it should provide the desired comfort. Major furniture which decides the entire look of one's living room is sofa set. There are many variants of sofas available for you to choose from, like wooden sofa, upholstered sofa, sectional sofa, bedroom sofa and chaise lounge. The furniture wing at NAASA brings to you the entire range of sofa sets from traditional to contemporary to match your décor and fit your space.


Dining furniture

The dining space is an integral part of any home as it is the place where the family gathers daily, not just to share the meals but to share and plan the entire day's activities together. For many families enjoying a collective meal is the highlight of any special occasion. To make this time pleasurable the dining table/chair should be both comfortable and stylish as well. The furniture wing at NAASA strives to make this everyday experience of yours a memorable one by giving various options like in solid wood, glass top or metal fittings and many others.


Storage furniture

The storage furniture like cabinets, book shelves, TV units, display units, shoe racks etc. are more of a necessity than style. The lack of proper storage furniture can ruin the beauty of a nicely done home otherwise. Our furniture wing and interior team work together to reach to the best solution for your storage needs, be it wooden ones or the custom made storage solutions.



Table is a furniture which demands more close attention than it is actually given. Our furniture wing provides a beautiful range of wooden tables from centre/ coffee table, study table to console tables. At NAASA you can easily find the right design and style of wooden tables with the assurance of their longevity and quality.


Bar Furniture

Keeping in line with the rising trend of stay-at-home culture or what is being called home-tainment, we provide an exclusive range of bar furniture. People these days prefer to stay at home and drink instead of going out. The nightclub and bar attendance is on a steady decline over the past several years. People have started skipping going out on regular basis rather they prefer staying at home on weekends as now every possible comfort is available at home itself. Therefore, to make your leisure time more comfortable and enjoyable our furniture wing provides you with the entire range of classy bar furniture with all the possible options to boost your mood.


Home Décor 

"Home is where we create, relax, live and love." One should never overlook the power of decorating the home. Allow your home to serve a purpose beyond simply being a shelter. Let it be appealing also along with being comfortable. Your home is a true reflection of who you really are or aspire to be. The accessories you choose to furnish your home adds definition to it. Choosing the right accessories can bring life to a space and infuse it with the much needed personality which is why careful consideration is called for when choosing accessories. Décor accessories are the life blood of any home. Be it the eye catching hand made wall décor items, paintings of renowned artists, hand painted toleware, classic time pieces or other décor knick-knacks, the NAASA home décor section gives you a wide range to choose from and to make your home truly shine.